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Why You Zig When They Zag


The election of 2020 is not just about Trump vs. Biden.

Outside the USA people look at Biden and are dumbfounded as to why he’s even a candidate for the presidency.

Understandably so.

Our election is most likely the beginning of the real political chaos that awaits us.

This is also when the markets crush the smaller investor.

In Plain English, it’s when the boyz in the “Club” get you to zig while they zag.

What’s happening now – and should continue after the election – will give new meaning to the old Wall Street adage “The Markets Move in the Direction that Frustrates the Most People.”

How do I know that?

It’s simple.

Human nature NEVER changes.

The boyz in the “Club” use fear and greed to ensure that the 99% are wrong.  It’s how they make fortunes at your expense.

Example:  How many of you and your friends out there are expecting the market to crash?

Let me point out that – since 2009 – we’re living through The Most Hated Bull Market in History. 

If 2020 has taught you anything it should be obvious that, in order to prosper AND thrive, you must expect the unexpected.

Political chaos (Cough! Scamdemic, “we’re all gonna die from a cold virus,” Cough! BLM/Antifa, Civil War, Hairball Cough!) is a great cover for the sheeple to miss out on some of the greatest opportunities of your lifetime.

Simultaneously, the profiteers from the fear mongering, are multiplying their wealth right under our collective noses while they inflict more pain on the unsuspecting sheeple.

The point is, by continuing to listen to Wall Street’s Bought-And-Paid-For Media Jackals, you’ll continue to zig while they zag.

Regardless of whether you want to believe it or not, the markets are always right.

And they don’t care about your feelings or opinions as to what direction they should be moving.

Stop making the same mistakes.

If you’re going to walk through a mine field…follow someone.

The best way to do that is to become a member of our “…In Plain English” Club.

Learn how our members prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times (HERE).



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