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Why Wall Street is Honest Compared to Walmart

Not only is Wall Street honest compared to Walmart, it’s legitimately honest compared to 99% of all other businesses.

Wait!  What?

Yes, you read that right.

It’s simple to prove.  But first, you must realize that you’re hearing this from a 37-year veteran of the industry.

And you can rest assured that the entire staff at Financial$Matter knows more about the inside corruption (and criminal activities that take place behind the curtain) than 99% of the world.

However, despite what we think and know about how the boyz in the “Club” operate, we also know that most people never consider how honest the commissions are on Wall Street.

Stop laughing for a moment and hear me out.

Whether you pay $9.95 or $595.00 per commission for a stock purchase, it’s totally transparent.  The commission is marked on your confirmation and should be obvious.  The price of the stock will vary with market conditions.

So, if you bought 100 shares of a $20 stock you end up paying $2,000 + commission.  The commission is the MARK-UP charged by your broker.

Compare that to anything you buy at Walmart.  They don’t tell you how much they MARKED-UP the toothpaste or any other item you buy, do they?

How about a car, furniture, groceries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.  Do they openly tell you how much their profit margin is?

Of course not.  But you buy those things anyway.

Wall Street is only industry I can think of where you get to see how much your stock (product) is marked up.

Keep in mind I’m referring to buying individual stocks and not mutual funds, ETF’s, bond funds, and other packaged products.

If you own those, you could be paying huge hidden fees.

Find out about hidden fees (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.

And share this with a friend…they’ll thank YOU later.

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