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Why Trump WON’T Be Assassinated

The Deep State is doing everything (short of assassination) they can to remove Trump from office.

This whole scenario reminds you of when Kennedy was President.  He refused to authorize the war in Vietnam and was allegedly assassinated (by the CIA) for it.

The coverup Warren Report (over 55 years later) hasn’t proven nor disproven the Deep State involvement.

However, with Trump it will be different.

If he’s assassinated he will become a hero and the “boyz” would hate the idea of a memorial coin with Trump on it.

Instead, that means the only way to remove Trump is to discredit him.  In turn, they can attempt to justify invoking the 25th Amendment to replace him.

There is no proof of a conspiracy with Putin.  Therefore, they cannot risk a public trial in the Senate over the Russian nonsense.

So, since they can’t afford to assassinate him that leaves a fatal accident by car or plane or drowning as an alternative.

You may think we’re crazy for saying this but look at history.

Kennedy’s assassination cleared the way for Vietnam.  So, ask yourself: Is the Deep State trying to remove Trump so they can start a war with Russia?

Trump is an outsider…that’s why they hate him.

The only other president who inspired such hatred and violence on the same level was Abraham Lincoln.  Not only was Lincoln an outsider like Trump, he was someone intent on changing the economic structure of government – also draining the swamp.

We know how that worked out.

We wrote before (HERE) how impeachment/assassination will likely crash the markets.  And in our September issue of “In Plain English,” we detail how to protect yourself.

Until then, we hope Trump stays away from hot tubs and/or riding in a Tesla.

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