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Why the Markets Punish Small Investors

One of the questions we frequently get from our readers is usually about why the markets punish small investors.

You may not like this answer.

But the simplified version is: Because They Can.

And the fact that they can punish small investors – without getting in trouble – is because Wall Street Banksters play by a different set of rules.

But there’s more to it than that.

You see, there’s a special “Club” among the elite Wall Street crowd.  And it’s not made up of the 1%.


The 1% figure is what THEY want you to believe is running the show.



It’s Way Less than 1%



But do the math.


Based on our population of approximately 340 Million people, do you really believe there are 3.4 Million that make up the Boyz in the “Club?”

Even the figure of 0.01% amounts to 34,000.

Again, do you believe there are 34,000 people who are manipulating the markets so they can punish small investors?

A more realistic figure would be closer to 3,400 people which would make up 0.00001% of the population in America alone.

And if you add in the rest of the world’s population, the 0.00001 percentage of people who make the markets spin increases exponentially.

(7.5 Billion people on earth X 0.00001 = 75,000)

So, when you hear us say the 1% need the 99% to be wrong for them to make fortunes, it’s to keep thing simple and easy to understand.

Easy for the Boyz to Punish Small Investors

BTW the phrase about the 1% is true for numerous reasons.

  1. They own the Presstitutes (all major media outlets)
  2. And they tell them what to publish in order to affect their portfolios
  3. Then they preach their sanctimonious hypocrisy about how they create investment products to help the small investor
  4. Meanwhile, they never invest in their own packaged products (Cough! Mutual Funds, Cough! ETFs, Hairball Cough!)
  5. But they do trade among their own accounts within their “Family of Funds” to hide illegal activities that you would go to jail for
  6. And they own all the regulators (Cough! the SEC) so when it comes time for lawsuits, they make sure their regulator Boyz are handsomely rewarded

And this is just a short list of how the markets punish small investors.

Bottom line?

If you’re tired of getting punished by the Boyz you need to learn how to re-program your thinking (HERE).

And for a more in-depth understanding of how the markets really operate “Behind the Curtain” be sure to read our July edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

And share this with a friend…especially if they’ve been beaten up by the markets.

They’ll thank YOU later.


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