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Why the Market Doesn’t Care About Your Opinion

One of the biggest mistakes we make when investing is by assuming the market moves based on our opinion and a pre-determined outcome.

The assumption that “because of this…the market will do that” has always been a recipe for disaster.

Today’s current example of this flawed thinking (echoed by most presstitutes) is when you hear, “Trump’s trade wars are going to crash the markets.”

Sorry, Charlie.   That ain’t how it works.

You must remember the old adage:  “The markets move in the direction that frustrates the most people.”  Essentially that’s saying that the market doesn’t care about your opinion.

So, if you’re frustrated by the markets current “irrational behavior” (based on YOUR opinion) here’s another adage for you to consider:  “The markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”


Did I touch a familiar nerve yet?

Hanging on to opinions and old beliefs about how the market should work is financially destructive

When you focus on what the lame stream preaches 24/7, it’s easy to miss the big picture about market cycles and, more importantly, how EVERYTHING is connected.

The financial media is designed to program you into a certain way of thinking.  (It’s how they assure that the 1% makes most of the money).

They don’t want you to “Connect the Dots.”

Then, when the markets eventually crash, they’ll attempt to comfort the sheeple saying things like “I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked…Who could have foreseen this happening?”

And the cycle continues…Wash! Rinse! Repeat!

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