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Why Syria is So Important…to China

Since 2011 Syria has been a failed attempt for regime change for the Empire of Chaos (aka: US Military Industrial Complex/MIC).

And unlike his counterparts in Iraq (Saddam), Libya (Gaddafi), and Egypt (Mubarak), Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, has stood like David vs. Goliath in his countrymen’s eyes.

For the most part, Syria/Assad is the most recent boogeyman fabricated by the Langley Boyz in order to justify a regime change.  They’ve repeatedly accused Assad of killing thousands of “innocent Syrian citizens” which has yet to be proven.

In 1988, Saddam Hussein was accused of gassing the Kurds.  (Proof of whether it was Iraq or Iran gas still remains questionable).  This was the excuse used by President Bush for the US to topple Iraq.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Interestingly, just like Iraq, the attempt to oust Assad has mostly to do with oil/pipelines.  However, there’s another hidden agenda.

Namely, China.

The entire Western Lame Stream media purposely fails to cover China’s Multi-Trillion initiative in re-establishing the ancient Chinese “Silk Road.”  And Syria is the lynch-pin for its completion.  (We covered this in our October 2017 archives HERE).

The original “SILK ROAD” stretched from North Korea all the way to…wait for it!  “The Levant” (Aka:  Syria).  It was the gateway for European access to the orient and vice versa.

(Do you see any coincidence in the current peace talks regarding North Korea?)

The US has been desperate to get in on the action of the new silk road (aka: BELT ROAD INITIATIVE/BRI) but China continues to squeeze them out of the picture.

Henceforth the importance of Syria in the global chess game.

Don’t miss the enormous investment opportunities from China’s BRI.

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