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Why Mask-Erades Don’t Work


People who know anything about Asian culture also know that sick people in Asia historically wore masks as a matter of courtesy.

Masks were not worn by people to prevent getting sick because they do not work that way.

The Mask Vigilantes will tell you that you can get the CoronaFraud by touching the nozzle on a gas pump.

That statement alone proves masks do nothing.

Most people will touch their faces or adjust their mask, and if they touched something with COVID, then the mask will become infected.

As we have said before, this is one giant scam to push Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset from the World Economic Forum.

Schwab and his cronies (Cough! Bill Gates, Cough! George Soros, Al Gore, Hairball Cough!) know there is no coming back from this deliberate economic destruction.

They’re deliberately trying to CRUSH the world economy to further their goal to control climate change.

So far, the world hasn’t burned up, like Al Gore said it would by 2016.

However, these tree huggers have erected a clock in New York City to remind you that we only have just 7 years left before the world is destroyed by global warming.


Applying their logic, the world should burn up by 2027-28.


That’s over 12 years later than Gore originally forecast.

None of their forecasts – for climate change OR for the CoronaFraud have been accurate.

Why do the sheeple still listen to them and why are we still wearing masks?

Let’s apply some logic here.

If certain Americans are willing to sneak up on cops and shoot them – for wearing a uniform and trying to help people – then they’ll eventually do the same to people wearing a nurse/doctor uniform and trying to help people while they’re forcing people to take harmful vaccines they don’t want and don’t consent to.

Ironically (or NOT) should this happen, this same group will be freaking out after a few nurses get gunned down simply because they were wearing scrubs.

Then they’ll be demanding the cops do something – just as loudly as they were demanding people fight/kill cops during the Burn Loot Murder/Pantifa Riots.

Masks don’t prevent sickness…but they do keep everyone in fear.

Fear from getting sick and fearful of your neighbor, fellow man and family members.

So, for all the Mask Vigilantes out there, if you want to wear a mask, please…be my guest.

What do you care whether or not I do?

Masks – according to certain bought-and-paid-for scientists – supposedly work, don’t they?

What are you worried about?

Are You Connecting the Dots Yet?

Learn more about the dangers of wearing masks (HERE).







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