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Why Bother Investing in a Rigged Market?

Let’s face reality.

We all know that, to some extent, the markets are rigged.  And they favor the 1% Elite and especially the boyz in the “Club.”

So, how can you compete when the odds are against you?

The trick is to first understand the nature of who (or what) you’re competing against.  Then you won’t get frustrated when things don’t go your way.

However, it’s hard to truly understand how the markets work when all you do is listen to media…especially the financial media.

Once again, you must listen to the markets, not the media.  Otherwise you end up like the majority of investors who fall victim to Wall Street’s shenanigans.

Understand one thing, the markets have always been rigged.  It’s just that today they’re more sophisticated about it than in the past.

So, if you want to win in a rigged market, you need a source of information from those who have “been there, done that.”
Our 108+ combined years of experience on Wall Street certainly qualifies us.

And that’s why we write emails every day.  Our goal is to challenge you to look beyond what your eyes see and your ears hear about the markets.  And for those who want to put the pieces of the global financial puzzle together, we offer our monthly newsletter Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English.

It would be great to simply say “buy this” or “sell that.”  However, that’s what every run-of-the-mill newsletter does.  And despite all their claims of telling you how they made “Over 3,276%” on their last stock pick, it’s hard to find someone who’s actually done it.

Don’t be discouraged by a rigged market.  Instead, learn how easy it is ride its waves from an insider’s perspective.  And then you’ll learn how to make money without getting wiped out.

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