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Who Still Remembers the “Tea Party?”

Humans have a very short memory.

Case in point:  The Tea Party.

It was only a few years ago that the Tea Party actually had over 80 members in Congress.

Remember that?


Let me refresh your memory.

They were the original group wanting to “Drain the Swamp.”

Unfortunately, John Boehner (former speaker of the house) and John McCain (formal presidential candidate) had no problem abusing their power against “We the People” who actually wanted to Drain the Swamp.

You see, the tea party members refused to blindly follow Boehner.  As a result, he couldn’t cut deals to deliver a guaranteed vote.  That’s when he compromised and turned to the Democrats for support.

The common bond was they were all against these new people who wanted to actually change things.

Many tea party members surprisingly were subject to unusual IRS audits and pressures to silence them.

The tactics worked…the tea party is no longer an issue.

This is a perfect illustration of how politicians work together against the best interest of the people they allegedly serve.

They view us as mindless subjects for them to manipulate.  They get everyone all worked up over social issues, yet, behind the curtain they drink, party and socialize together.

They use their lap-dog media to keep the public foaming at the mouth over the most current headlines (school shootings, immigrants, etc.) while covering up corruption at the highest levels in government.

We wrote about this in a story about Trump/Putin and the Magnitsky Act (HERE).

Since then, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution stating that Putin can NEVER question any Americans about interfering in Russian elections.

What are they covering up?

It all goes back to the Magnitsky Act (sponsored by John McCain) and you can read more about it HERE and in our September newsletter.

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