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White House Hearing on Censorship Gets Censored

In the latest attacks against free speech, the White House Hearings on Censorship – in which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was testifying – quickly devolved into something right out of the Theater of the Absurd.

True to form, angry liberals tried to shut down RFK Jr.

And they moved to go to executive session so that the public could not hear the proceedings.


Then they shouted over his words when they were questioning him.

And, NO, you cannot make this stuff up.

Think about this for a minute.

This was a hearing on censorship…and they tried to censor him.

At this point, it’s fair to say that free speech, even as a core principle, is in grave trouble.

Because with idiots, like Debbie Wasserman Shultz, we cannot even get a consensus on the basics.




White House Hearing on Censorship was a Farce

The White House Hearings on censorship seemed to viewers that RFK was the only adult in the room. 

And it was almost as if he was:

  1. The preacher of fidelity in a brothel
  2. The keeper of memory in a room full of amnesiacs
  3. The practitioner of sanity in the sanatorium
  4. Or, as H.L. Mencken might have said, the hurler of a dead cat into the temple.

It was oddly strange to hear the voice of a wise statesmen in a hothouse culture of infantile corruption.

Ironically (or NOT) it served as a reminder to the public just how far things have fallen.

And the protests against Kennedy’s statements were shrill and shocking.

They quickly shifted from “Censorship didn’t happen” to “It was necessary and wonderful” to “We need more of it.”

And just when you think things have gotten really creepy, we’ll remind you that War and Censorship Go Hand in Hand.

Wait! WHAT?

Sad to say that wartime is what allows ruling elites to declare that ideas alone are dangerous to the goal of defeating the enemy.

Cue up:  “Loose Lips Sink Ships” that applies across the board in wartime.

But the goal is always to whip up the public in a frenzy of hate against the foreign enemy.

And the Boyz claim it is to ferret out the rebels, the traitors, the subversives, and promoters of unrest.

We refer to it as “Keeping You In a Constant State of Agitation.”

You want a recent classic example?

There is a reason that the protestors on January 6 were called “insurrectionists.” It is because it happened in wartime.

Bottom line???

These Boyz are trying to kill your willingness to think for yourself.

Don’t Take the Bait.

Instead, remember the basics of what’s left of our Constitution:

The Second Amendment protects the First. 

And it’s written that way for a reason. 

And, more importantly, learn how the Banksters use these distractions to rip you off while they make fortunes – At YOUR Expense – in our August edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

Share this with a friend…even if they don’t understand the importance of the 1st or 2nd Amendment.

They’ll thank YOU later.


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