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Where’s the Outrage Here?

Most of you probably missed a shocking event that took place in Europe recently that, of course, was minimized by the Lame Stream.

I’m referring to the head of the European Union (EU) Jean-Claude Junker, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx in Germany.

C’MON MAN!  Karl Marx?

Marx was not just the champion of Communism, he is responsible for killing tens of millions of people. (More than all wars combined).

Marx advocated suppressing the people and told them to turn in their parents if they criticize the state because the state is who really takes care of you.  There simply is no other theory in history that was so anti-human rights while pretending to be all loving, caring, and compassionate.

It’s just unbelievable.  Juncker has to agree with Marxism in order to celebrate it.

Is it any wonder why Europe is such a mess?

This is a bad sign of things to come.  Marxism has been collapsing and the leaders like Junker will fight back with every ruthless means possible to save their theory of living off other people’s money.

Celebrating Marx’s birthday is more than celebrating the murder of millions of innocent people.  It’s also celebrating the Great Divide that now exists.  And it’s setting the stage for yet another vicious confrontation on a global scale.

Instead of being outraged, the sheeple continue to graze.

And that’s why you should be concerned.

It’s gonna get real ugly when Europeans finally say “enough!”  However, before that happens the financial markets will see volatility like you’ve never seen before.

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You’ll thank us later.




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