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Where Technology is Headed in 2023

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more mainstream, you should beware of where technology is headed.


The Japanese government is restricting facial recognition exports over growing concern of China’s extreme surveillance measures.

A recent report from Tokyo’s Central News Agency (CNA) states:

China has been using AI-powered facial recognition technology to “deploy large-scale surveillance systems to restrict people’s movement in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and other places.”

In addition to citing national security, Japan is aiming to prevent advanced technology from infringing upon human rights.


Japan is not alone.

Numerous countries, including the US, are now assessing whether technology ranging from facial recognition to cameras coming from China are safe for use.

Technology is Headed…

Bottom Line:  This is mainly for the government’s safety.

And the reality is your government is already tracking you.

Technology and the MIC

Most people don’t realize how the United States and China have been in a new military arms race that has not made the headlines.

Cue up:  The CoronaHoax/Distraction.

And there’s been lots of conspiracy theories about how the coronavirus was engineered by China’s weapon’s lab as a biological weapon.

READ:  Tin-Foil Times (HERE)

As a result, the real military technology advancements never seem to gather attention.


Both the USA and China are pursuing military nanotechnology solutions, which includes linking soldiers’ brains directly to computers.

That may sound like far-fetched Terminator/Ahhhhnold Schwarzenegger stuff…but it is very real.

Most people forget how President Clinton proclaimed his National Nanotechnology Initiative.

As a result, the US government agencies have been heavily engaged in nanotechnology research.

Of course, most of the effort has been funded by the Defense Department (taxpayer dollars) with the goal of creating a new kind of warrior that links the human brain to machines.

Wait! What?

Ironically (or NOT) this would be far superior to robot soldiers.


Because they would be connected to millions of sensors and to the military computer in the cloud.

As a result, they believe the capability of the human brain would be expanded exponentially.

But what happens when someone hacks into the network?

Could an enemy possibly turn your army against their creator?

You Betcha’.

And all of this will be very conveniently linked to the Proxy War in Ukraine.

Rest assured the Political Chaos of 2023 will play an important part in sounding the drums of war.

Read about it (HERE) and how to adjust your portfolio accordingly.

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