December 2022
December 8, 2022

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When Markets Lose $5 Trillion, Who Wins?

The week after the Super Bowl, the markets Lost $5 Trillion in value.  At least that’s what we were told by the gurus of Wall Street.

So, my question is, where did the money go?

If $5 trillion was lost, who gained it?

Did it simply disappear or is it hidden in someone’s “offshore account?”

Seriously.  Haven’t you ever wondered where these massive losses go?

Ironically, most people don’t question their losses as much as they complain about them.  That’s because human nature never changes.

Follow me on this.

When markets take a beating the sheeple usually lament their losses with statements like, “OH!  I lost (fill in the amount) when the market crashed.”

And what’s crazy is, they act as if it’s some kind of badge of honor to brag about their losses.  The bigger the loss, the greater the badge.

What’s funny is, most people confuse their cost basis with the market value at its peak.

Ex:  You have $10,000 invested and it grows to $15,000 (a 50% increase).  Then, when the market falls and your $15,000 drops back to $10,000, you act as if you lost $5,000.

How did you lose $5,000 if you still have your original investment?

See what I mean?

The value of your investments changes daily with market movements.  And you must remember, it’s NEVER a profit (or a loss) until you take it.

You can be the greatest stock picker in the world and still lose money.  In fact, the best stock pickers I’ve ever known are usually the worst stock sellers.

They let emotions make their decisions instead of LISTENING to what the markets are saying…and end up losing.

Learn how to listen to the markets (HERE).

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