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When Hypocrisy Meets Freezing to Death

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz realizes he must take the advice of Global Climate Expert, Greta Thunberg (now 19 years old) or his country faces freezing to death this winter.

And Greta recently gave her blessing and urged Germany not to shut down its remaining nuclear power plants.


As if on cue, goof ball Scholz announced on Monday that the country would do just that – by extending the lifetime of its three remaining facilities.

All I can say is, when world leaders allow a child to dictate/shame them into submission over “Climate Change” policies, they make the Theater of the Absurd seem normal.

And after several years of this nonsense, it’s only fitting that their hypocrisy is now biting them in the azz.

It makes you wonder if they consulted Greta before joining in on the sanctions against Russia.

Afterall, their prospects of freezing to death this winter are a direct result of their failed sanctions against Russia.

According to Politico, last week Darling Greta made headlines by announcing – what rational people have been arguing for decades – that nuclear is a better option than coal.

And that it’s a “bad idea” to turn off nuclear power stations if it means switching to coal.

Seriously, how insane is it that they let a teenage girl dictate their energy policy for several years and they’re still taking her advice?

Is it just me or does Greta remind you of the kids who used to do the “Shaaake and Baaaake” commercials in the 1960s?

Hypocrisy vs Freezing to Death

Maybe “they” are grooming her to be the next EU Chancellor.


Or Maybe they are still upset after spending $580 Billion on renewable energy under the direction from an autistic teen girl.

Or Maybe, Just Maybe being hypocrites is more important to them then facing the wrath of the people.

Freezing to death in Europe.


When you consider the rest of the narcissistic crazies running society now, letting an autistic teenager kick the can down the road actually fits right in.

So, for now nukes are okay in Germany.

And this proves, once again that political “leaders” in Germany have less brains than an uneducated 19-year-old girl.

Watch and see how this plays out in the energy sector.

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