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Whatever Happened to Assad the Butcher

Somebody help me out here, please.

When was the last time you heard anything about the horrific actions of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad?  (the media labeled him “Assad the Butcher”).

It seems like years ago that he was front-and-center mainstream news as the biggest threat to world peace since Osama bin-Laden.

So, what happened?  Is he no longer a threat?

Is Syria no longer a war-torn nation where millions of refugees have fled for their lives?

The truth is (for the time being) Assad has been pushed off the front-pages because he’s no longer a sufficient enough distraction for the sheeple.

The limited attention span of the American public constantly needs to be stoked by a boogeyman and Assad no longer meets the requirements of “Evil Personified,” or “Merciless Dictator” for us to hate.

But don’t worry.

Before you know it, the WOBM presstitutes will conjure up new reasons to hate and/or vilify the evil Syrian President.

Most likely it will have something to do with Syria’s connections with China or Russia.  (My money is on Russia since Putin has been protecting Syria for a long time…AND because Putin currently holds the title of “Boogeyman” against the US).

Meanwhile, China keeps flying under the radar while investing Billions into repairing the devastated nation of Syria.


Syria is the lynch-pin for China’s build out of the new “silk road” or “Belt Road Initiative,” (BRI).  We first wrote about it HERE.

Assad knows Syria’s geographic importance to both Russia and China has historical ramifications going back thousands of years.  (Hint…it has a lot to do with OIL).

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