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What Will it be Like to Fly Again?


Now that the majority of the population has been beaten into fear and submission – through the likes of Bill Gates and his bought-and-paid-for organizations (the CDC and WHO) – when should we expect a return to normalcy?

Sad to say that ain’t happening anytime soon.

And now that Warren Buffett admitted that he took a major hit on the airline stocks he owned, what’s it gonna be like to travel again?

After 9/11 we got the TSA jammed down our throats to “fight terrorism.”

Ironically (or NOT) it stripped away many of our rights via the egregious Patriot Act, cost us multiple billions, and put in place a stasi-like group that won’t go away anytime soon.

So, what’s the net effect going to be for our freedom to travel now that the CoronaHoax has scared everyone spitless?

I can assure you of one thing.  It won’t be to our advantage.

The cretins trying to call the shots “behind the curtain” are already saying that they want to restrict travel for anyone that doesn’t have a CERTIFICATE proving they’re free from the CoronaVirus.


Does the phrase, “Your Papers, Please!” (from Nazi Germany) sound eerily familiar here?

Right about now some of you might be thinking, “C’mon, Vincent. Aren’t you being a bit extreme here?”

Not at all.

And if that’s what you think, let me remind you that every time you hear the authorities (Who are these authorities, anyway?) say, “Just do what you’re told, Don’t be selfish, It’s for everyone’s safety, Stop being Paranoid” I want you to remember what history shows us:

Just do what you’re told, pic:

If you’re thinking “That can’t happen here,” think again.

As children, when we learned about Hitler and the Holocaust, many of us wondered “How could six million people be so easily led astray?”

So, when the authorities eventually tell us (Who are these authorities, anyway?) it’s okay to travel again, what will they require from you?

Papers, Please?

If you think we’re being extreme here, just wait until you read how the boyz are going about destroying the global banking system in our May newsletter.

The good news is, we show you what steps to take, to not only survive this madness but how to THRIVE in these Turbulent Times.

Protected by the constitution pic:





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