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What Incredible Arrogance

How long must we tolerate the Wall Street and political thieves getting rich over “Global Warming?”

Ooops!  I mean, “Climate Change.” (or whatever phrase is being used to exaggerate the normal cycles of the earth)

These hypocrites make me sick with their “distraction de jour” while they pilfer the average citizen.

Case in point:  Do you remember Albert Arnold Gore’s “prediction” that the polar Ice Caps would melt by 2014?  (Ironically, in 2015 NASA reported there was more ice than ever.)

Since that time, Mr. Global warming has been telling you that everyone needs to do their part to reduce their “carbon footprint.”

That’s laughable when you consider his home in Nashville uses 21 times more electricity than the national average.

His handlers cover his behind by telling you that “Mr. Gore leads a carbon neutral life by purchasing green energy.”


How much “green energy” have you purchased in the last year?  And how effective was it in reducing carbon impacts?


And they’re making billions at our expense.

The point of this post is not to bash Al Gore (well, maybe a little) but it’s to highlight an old Wall Street adage: “Follow the Money.”

What that means is, when you see the Congress Critters along with Wall Street banksters make a major issue out of anything, you should look and see who’s profiting from it.

In this case it’s the “arrogance of man” trying to shove their agenda down your throat.

It’s ALWAYS about the money…especially when politics and Wall Street are involved.

You can beat these cretins at their own game…but first you must understand how the elite 1% operate.

Find out (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.