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What Ever Happened to Kim Jong Un?

This is one of those “perspective” emails to hopefully jolt you back to reality.

“Iran, Iran, Iran, aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh!”

They’re gonna nuke us.

“China’s going to destroy the world’s economy.”

“Trump will kick China’s ass.”

“Everyone in Venezuela will die unless we oust Maduro.”

“World War III is just around the corner.”

The above are just a few samples of media mania that the Whores-of-Babylon media presstitutes use to get your attention.

Wasn’t it just yesterday (or maybe a year ago) that Kim Jong Un was going to nuke us?

What happened there?

And the whole Iran panic hasn’t changed since Jimmy Carter was president.

Back then it was the Ayatollah Khomeini who threatened the world with the Iranian revolution.

Outside of setting the Iranian culture back to the stone age, Iran still hasn’t nuked anyone.

And why did Obama give them access to Billions in cash?

(Notice I didn’t say “gave them billions in cash”)

The point is, our bought-and-paid-for media recycles old stories about the “boogie man of the month” so we can focus our hatred on said boogie man.


They need to stir the sheeple up as a diversion to their “Impeach Trump” mantra.

They also want to keep you on edge over threats from a foreign power so when they finally decide to collapse the banking system you’ll turn to the government for salvation.

That’s when you’re really gonna get screwed.

The boyz in the “Club” know exactly what they’re doing and as far as the markets are concerned, they’re always on both sides of the trade.

(By that I mean they profit regardless if the markets are up or down.)


Instead, be sure to read out June newsletter (    ) where we show you how to profit when the banksters collapse the system.

By then, the fat little Korean dictator will surprisingly become a threat again.

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You won’t be disappointed.


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