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What Does a Woman’s Right to Choose Mean?

Have you ever noticed that when the subject of women’s rights comes up it usually revolves around abortion?


It seems that the feminist crowd is constantly protesting for rights they already have.

Go figure.

When you put it in perspective, the second amendment has made women more equal than the entire Feminist Movement.

It’s called the right to defend yourself.

I’m sure the vagina-hat wearing crowd is going to hate on me for this, but a woman who knows how to defend herself (especially with a gun) has a huge advantage over a woman who doesn’t know how to defend herself.

So, it’s not surprising that the fastest growing segment in firearms and weapons training is, well…women.

Learning how to handle a gun is enabling women to escape many of the stereotypes they’ve been labeled with.

Feminists argue that a woman having a gun or learning self-defense, encourages violence. 

To which I say: “Tell that to the assailant who robs or attempts to rape you and see how they comply.”

(Note, to all interested investors):

Companies specializing in gun safety, self-defense, prepping, etc. are flying under the radar.

And they’re positioned to make huge upside moves in the near future.

It’s not just about a Woman’s right to choose.

It’s about securing your future in what could be a very unstable world “Coming to a theater near you soon.”

Read about it in our April Newsletter (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.


One more thing.

“Got Ammo?”

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