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What Could be Worse Than Being in Retail?


The real Pandemic in today’s world has nothing to do with a virus.


The real problem that’s accelerating at a frightening pace is the Pandemic of bankruptcies.

The largest car rental company in the world HERTZ bit the bankruptcy bullet over the weekend.

Ironically (or NOT) FED chairman, Jerome Powell, is now the proud owner of waaayyyyy too many HERTZ bonds now that he hired Blackrock to keep the bond market from collapsing.

That’s right, folks.  The FED bought Tons of Hertz bonds recently via Blackrock.

You see, Blackrock is the manager in charge of absorbing hundreds of billions in bond losses – as directed by the FED – thanks to the CARES Act.

And who do you think pays for all of these Wall Street bailouts?

That’s another story for another time.

We’re here to talk about the Tsunami of bankruptcies headed our way.

Think of it this way; the CoronaFraud is the giant meteor from outer space that crashed into the ocean – thanks to a handful of megalomaniacs with a sinister agenda – and the tidal wave of destruction is making its way towards landfall.

The retail sector is already under water (pun intended) but what could be worse than being in retail at this time.

How about being a landlord of retail tenants?

We’re hearing about the big boys like Hertz, Neiman Marcus, JC Penny, etc., but what about the smaller retail stores who’ve been crushed from the moronic lockdown?

Sad to say there are far more small businesses that are dead-men walking than there are large retailers.

And no one’s talking about the millions of landlords who aren’t getting paid their rent money from the crippled retailers.

Let’s go one step further.

If millions of businesses aren’t getting paid that also means that the average family can’t pay their rent or mortgage which compounds the problem even more.

And another stupid $2,000 stimulus check AIN’T GONNA FIX ANYTHING, except bail out the government pensions and more Wall Street Cronies.

So, the next time you hear about more “Stimulus” bills, you should write your representatives and demand that they investigate who is profiting from all of this madness.

Once again, we’ve included a sample letter that you can copy and paste.

If we don’t address this soon, the next step in the NWO global experiment of control and stealing your constitutional rights will be worse than what we’ve already lived through.

Think we’re kidding?

Read how retail has changed forever in out May newsletter (HERE).


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