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We’re Entering a Bankruptcy Pandemic


As time goes on, the idea of a CoronaVirus pandemic becomes more and more fraudulent.

Ironically (or NOT) the economic damage from the biggest hoax in history has thrust our nation into The Gates Depression.

Translation:  More jobs have been lost in eight weeks than were lost in over three years during The Great Depression.

Back then we were predominantly an Agriculture society with over 41% of jobs related to agriculture.  Today that number is approximately 3%.

The greatest employer in today’s world is (or was) the service industry.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the Gates Depression, the number of people who will never work in the service industry again will be far greater than the number of people who actually caught the Kung Flu.

The Kung Flu has a 98-99% recovery rate while the loss of jobs and bankruptcies will overwhelm the economy.

Sad to say that the real pandemic is just starting to show up in the number of bankruptcies being filed.

Ironically (or NOT) we’re hearing nothing about this from politicians (Cough! Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Hairball Cough!), Bill Gates, Anthony Frauduci, the CDC or the WHO.

This begs the question: Do these people care that more people will lose their jobs from retail closures alone than those who died from the virus?

Unfortunately, to them, it’s no big deal.

Consider this; The economic fallout has just begun with the bankruptcy filings of major retailers like Neiman Marcus, JC Penny, J Crew, Earth Fare, Pier One Imports, etc.

Note – these are the “End-Retailers.”

What happens to the jobs in the supply chain including manufacturing, shipping, distribution, etc.?

Say goodbye to them too.

Sad to say, the families supposedly benefitting from a paltry $1,200 stimulus check are being hit the hardest.

Unfortunately, the evil ones in Congress are only concerned about using stimulus money to bail out government workers pensions at the state and local level.

What’s going to happen when government workers are told their pensions won’t be there for them?

It won’t be pretty.

The Bankruptcy Tsunami Pandemic has structurally altered our economy, thanks to a small group of power-hungry megalomaniacs.

This will ultimately affect the stock market, but not in the way most people will understand.

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