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Weinstein’s Out of the “CLUB”


The recent purging of Harvey Weinstein (from the Hollywood Insiders) for alleged sex crimes should not surprise you.

Most of these Hollywood predators have been getting away with molesting and/or raping young starlets for decades.

So why is everyone “shocked” by these recent accusations about Harvey Weinstein?  Is it because he’s been associated with many political figures (Including a former US President)?

Or is it because he fell out of favor from the boyz in the Wall Street “Club?”

Hollywood (like most media outlets) is owned by the “Club.”

For many years movies have been a convenient way for the “Club” to funnel obscene amounts of money (both legal AND illegal) to avoid taxes.

When someone isn’t productive (Harvey Weinstein hasn’t had a hit movie for a very long time) or steps out of line, (Said the wrong thing about the wrong person) they are publicly destroyed by their overlords.

The ripple effect is like when you shine a light on a dark damp place in your basement.  When the light goes on, all the cockroaches scurry.

Hollywood is being sent a message…”Don’t mess with the “Club” or you’ll end up like Harvey Weinstein.”

Are you wondering what this has to do with investing yet?

I’ll keep it simple.

If you own a stock and love their business model, remember:  No person or company is immune from the “Clubs” vengeance.  They can and will destroy anyone who goes against them.  (Do you remember what happened to Martha Stewart?)

See how to profit from their shenanigans (HERE).

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