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Unprecedented Historical Peak Corruption

Yesterday marked the beginning of our nation entering uncharted territory of unprecedented historical peak corruption.


The George Soros bought-and-paid-for Manhattan DA (Alvin Bragg) is hell bent on destroying what is left of the rule-of-law in America with his criminal trial against Donald Trump.


And for the first time in American history, a former president will be tried in a court of law.


This is extremely dangerous because whatever they do to Trump has opened the door for rouge Republican prosecutors to do the same to Democrats.


Bragg, who has called Trump a “rich white guy,” is even introducing racism to this event in addition to Bragg being a zealot Democrat.

Of course, racism only works in one direction, like a ONE-WAY street.


Ironically (or NOT) nobody will ever address that issue.

And that’s mostly because New York is notorious for corruption in the legal system.



Unprecedented Historical Corruption



And this historical corruption is why the United States has more people in prison than any country on the face of the Earth.


We will even fact check it for you…







The table above is remarkable in that is shows how the US has more people in prison than Russia or China.

In percentages we have 400% more people in prison than Putin…and we are supposed to be a free country, and Russia is an evil autocracy.


And do the math…

  1. China has a population of 1,425,283,533, of which 1,690,000 people are in prison. That is a conviction rate of 00.1%.
  2. Russia has 433,006 people in prison, a population of 147.2 million, and a conviction rate of .002%.
  3.  United States has 1,767,200 people in prison against a population of 341,426,991. That is a conviction rate of .005%.





In the claimed land of the free and home of the brave of the United States, you have about a 500% greater probability of going to prison than in any other major country.



This leads us to beleive…


Either Americans are the most dishonest people on the face of the planet, or we have the most CORRUPT legal system on the face of the planet.


But thanks to guys like Alvin Bragg and his handlers, the answer is obvious – the Rule of Law in the United States no longer exists.


Bottom line? 


There is absolutely NO way Trump will EVER receive a fair trial in New York City.


As a result, we believe this trial of the century will be the catalyst for Civil War in America as we head towards the 2024 election.


Tighten your seatbelts.

It’s going to be a rough ride.


And the markets will respond accordingly.


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Share this with a friend…even if they don’t know how corrupt Alvin Bragg and the NYC court system is.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:



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