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UN Demands Price Controls Not Rate Hikes

Only in a world of Mass Stupidity could you ever imagine the morons at the UN Demands Price Controls.

And the UN is also demanding that Central Banks stop rate hikes.

Question:  Who put them in charge?

Seriously, this is another group of unelected officials’ hell bent on seeing Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset succeed.

The next thing you know the UN will want to initiate a massive global gun confiscation.

Oh, Wait!

They started that when Obama was prez…but most people forgot about that.

And most people forget the fact that price controls – like sanctions – NEVER work.

Flashback to the 1970s…when NIXON was prez.

Few people remember that back then how wage and price controls were used heavily along with sufficient rate increases…and still didn’t work.

But now we’re gonna do it all over again.

Except this time instead of it being triggered by the Arabs turning off the oil taps, WE ARE TURNING OFF OUR OWN TAPS.

Translation:  Either the current leadership is the stupidest crop of people to ever be on the earth, or this is a planned event (Cough! Great Reset, Cough! Cough!).

Ironically (or NOT) the UN is starting to reveal its socialist/communist agenda that we all knew existed but could never prove.

Demanding Price Controls

Price controls will only make things worse as the rich – and a few others – will find ‘work arounds’ to avoid them.

Meanwhile, the basic services and small to mid-sized companies take it up the wazoo and quietly disappear…just like in the 70s.

And they’ll become easy prey for all the newly Armed IRS agents who’ll be like sharks smelling blood in the water.

Morons, like the UN, try to sell you on the idea that a short monetary shock will be sufficient to curb inflation expectations without causing a recession.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact that Wikipedia has made 5 recent changes in the definition of recession should tell you that we are – and have been in a recession.

And imposing Price Controls will only make things worse.

This is yet another way to control the world before most governments default on their sovereign debt AND pensions.

READ:  Déjà Vu for Bank of England  (HERE).

As a result, you can expect more madness and market volatility that will also be blamed on “Climate Change.”

Before the Mid-term elections you should expect all hell to break loose.

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