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Twitter is NOT the Real World…Fortunately

“The people will not revolt.  They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening.”

~George Orwell- circa 1949~

In case you haven’t noticed, Twitter’s censoring of certain tweeters is more obvious than Facebooks censorship.

(“Tweeters on Twitter” sounds odd, doesn’t it?)

Censoring has a lot to do with our obsession love/hate relationship with social media.  In many cases (Cough! Millennials, Cough!) it’s taken over people’s lives and totally skewed their better judgement skills.

So, it should come as no surprise that the Twits running the show have taken it upon themselves to be accusers, judge and jury for Tweets they don’t like.

After recently telling Congress that they aren’t politically biased when censoring content, several prominent conservatives discovered that Twitter automatically includes them in a site-wide “Quality Filter Discrimination shadowban.

This effectively prevents anyone, not already following them, from viewing their posts.

This shadowban software is designed to hide tweets from “accounts that are having the maximum negative impact on the conversation.”


Sounds like censorship to me.

What do you think?

Thank goodness Twitter is NOT the real world…or is it?

Unfortunately, the Whores of Babylon Media (WOBM) presstitutes have discovered that they can tweet anything they want and it’ll be received as being credible.


(Orwell is rolling over in his grave).

But don’t get me wrong.

Twitter has its upsides.

It’s allowed Donald Trump (The greatest twitter troll in America) to call out the Fake News for what they really are…fake.

Despite what you believe about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., they All pass information on to creepy government agencies.

Beware what you tweet/post/share.

And be sure to read How to Minimize Social Media Surveillance, in our August newsletter.

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