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Trustworthy Like a Tesla on Autopilot

This is not another Bash Elon Mush/Tesla email.

Well…maybe it is…kinda, sorta.

Let’s face it.

Somewhere over the last 50 years you might’ve found some CEO who has lied to his shareholders more than Musk, but I can’t seem to find one.

However, Musk is a peon when compared to Whores of Babylon in DC.  (Both Democrats and Republicans)

They’ve been in bed with Wall Street for over 100 years and they stop at nothing to protect their “Club” members.

Guys like Musk are like a side show for them. 

They love it when he’s constantly grabbing headlines over outrageous tweets and getting into feuds with “so called” artists like Azealia Banks. 

Or, his ex-girlfriend/goth/Canadian singer known as “Grimes” who just happens to be caught up in the middle of a major Tesla lawsuit.

These Hollywood connections make for great theater distractions while the new Congress is concocting some new angle to pursue articles of impeachment.

You need to understand that TESLA is a government funded enterprise that’s doomed to fail.

However, it won’t fail until the boyz in the “Club” determine that Musk is no longer useful for them like they did with Facebook’s CEO, Zuckerberg.  (We wrote about it last year, HERE) 

Musk has received multiple-billions of taxpayer dollars because he is the “chosen one” for the boyz behind the curtain.

And to his discredit, he’s constantly made a mockery of his shareholders, backers, suppliers, and even the Securities and Exchange Committee SEC over them charging him with fraud.

He called them the Shortseller Enrichment Commission.

How do you get away with that kind of crap?

Eventually his overlords will put him out to pasture.

Until then he’ll remain a tool for distraction to keep you from Connecting the Dots of the big picture regarding the markets.

Learn how to Connect the Dots (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.

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