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Trump has Ruined Future Presidencies

Right now, I can hear all the Trump haters thinking, “Yeah Baby, Vincent’s finally speaking my language.”

Before you jump to conclusions, you need to understand the context of what I mean about ruining future presidencies.

First, I believe Trump has taken more flak about anything and everything he’s done (or has done before he won the election) than any president in history.

And the most corrupt and highly-biased media in history deserves most of the credit for their relentless assault.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Trump has exposed these “Whores of Babylon” for who they really are.

However, when you step back from all the madness, you’ll see how “The Donald” has been playing the presstitutes like a master violinist does with a Stradivarius.

It’s priceless.

The irony of Trump not being a politician is probably his greatest asset.  At the same time, it’s likely the reason he’s ruining the office of the president for future candidates.

Think about it.  What future leader (who is not already a bought-and-paid-for political hack) would want to go through the non-stop vicious assaults Trump and his family has had to contend with?

Put yourself in that position.  If you truly wanted to make a difference in the world, would you subject yourself to all that crap?

For that reason, you can see why the next puppet president will be carefully selected and promoted by the in-bred elitists in DC.

Hopefully, (before that happens) we re-establish the strong foundation that our Constitution is based on.

It’s one of the few ways we’ll overcome the global “crash and burn” scenario that’s headed our way.

Be sure to vote in your upcoming primaries.

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