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They Don’t Ring a Bell at the Top…or Bottom

You shouldn’t expect the bought-and-paid-for financial presstitutes to tell you when the markets have peaked or hit bottom.

Instead, you need to learn how to see through the majority of their lies so you don’t get killed when everyone is heading for the exits.

The insiders know that the fear and greed factor controls most of your decisions…especially in a crazy market.  And they’ll use every trick in the book to trigger both emotions in you.

So, in order to avoid being run over by emotions, you need to determine which one has the most effect on you.

Is it fear?  Or greed?

Since most people don’t know the answer, I’ll give you a little test to help you.

Imagine this scenario.  If I called you at 3:00 a.m. and said:  “Joe, you’ve gotta buy this stock right now because you’ll make over 50% in one day.”  Or, if I called you at 3:00 a.m. and said:  “Joe, you’ve gotta sell this stock right now or else you’ll lose 50% in one day.”

Which question would wake you up quicker?

You see, most investors think that greed drives Wall Street.  And it does up to a certain point.  However, fear makes markets mover faster because things tend to fall much faster than they rise.  (Think of gravity).

So, in an effort to keep things simple, the best time to buy is when FEAR is at its highest and people are getting slaughtered.  (Easier said than done).

Conversely, the best time to SELL is when everyone is making a fortune. (Also, easier said than done).

Don’t wait for the markets to run you over like a freight train.

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It’s so simple you’ll need someone to help you misunderstand it.

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