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The Worst Addiction in America Is?

Few, if any, escape the junkie-like behavior that accompanies the worst addiction in America.

And for the last 40+ years, this epidemic has become so common that it amazingly flies under the radar.

Your doctor can’t help you with this problem.

It’s almost as if this self-induced dependence has become part of your DNA.

It’s not limited to the US.  However, the concentration of addiction is higher here than anywhere else on the planet.

I’m talking about America’s addition to petroleum products.

AKA: Oil.

That’s right, O-I-L.  And it’s not just that smelly stuff you put in your car.

Almost everything we use has petroleum as a base.

Anything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat and how we heat our homes are affected by petroleum products.

It’s also the main reason we have WARS.

What makes me laugh is how all the tree huggers gush over the prospects of easing our dependence on oil with the idea of having electric cars.

LOL.  It takes more energy (Converted from petroleum products) to power large cell batteries than it does to power gasoline engines.

Let me ask you a serious question.

Why hasn’t solar power replaced oil?

Don’t you think that for the last 50+ years the solar power gurus could’ve at least made a dent in reducing our dependence on oil?

(Yes, I know…that was two questions).

Sad to say we are (and will remain) addicted to oil until the boyz in the “Club” decide to change things.

In the meantime, you can expect atrocities like the US proxie war in Yemen to continue.  (Compliments of the Saudis whose wells are running dry…why else would they be committing genocide on the country of Yemen?)

It’s all about the oil…and who controls it.

Lear how the Saudis will stab us in the back to keep us addicted (HERE).


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