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The Ultimate Abuse of Power

“…There is nothing new under the sun.”  ~Ecclesiastes 1:9~

The drama currently unfolding between the DOJ (Department of “Just-Us”/FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) and their breach of trust toward all American citizens is nothing new.  It does, however reflect the ultimate abuse of power.

The stories about spying on the Trump campaign are not going to quietly go away.  What you’re witnessing is a 2018 version of the Watergate scandal…on steroids.

The difference is Nixon didn’t direct his staff to break into The Watergate Hotel (they acted on their own).  Nixon got in trouble when he tried to cover-up the event.

Today we have the FBI doing what the Watergate operatives did directly. And they’re all scrambling like cockroaches who’ve just been exposed to the light.

It should be abundantly clear to you by now that the Deep State has an agenda to overthrow Trump.

Whether they succeed or not remains to be seen.

The real problem we face is “What happens after Trump?”

Will the next president continue the charge to expose corruption within our own system?  It’s obvious that the press has absolutely destroyed the office of the president for any future people who would have come forward.

The hatred spewed from CNN (and most of the presstitutes) practically guarantees only a career politician would ever become president (most likely a hand-picked candidate of the Deep State).

 You must pay attention to these events.

They’re going to ensure the downfall of the USA and shift the Financial Capital of the world to China.


Don’t know.  But it’s baked in the cake.

And unless you see the big picture, you’ll end up shaking your head and saying, “How did this happen?”

Don’t wait for it to happen.


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