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The Summer of Hate…50 Years Later

The summer of 1968 was a doozy.

If you’re old enough to know what “doozy” means you’ll also know why the summer of 2018 eerily resembles 1968.

Do you remember the Democrat National Convention held in Chicago?  The riots, and beatings of unarmed citizens protesting the Vietnam War?

Even if you’re a millennial or Gen Z’er, you’ve probably heard of how the “Dawning of the age of Aquarius” turned into the summer of hate in ’68.

It’s sad to say that we’re probably going to eclipse that ugly period in American history if we stay on our current path of promoting violence.

I grew up in the 60s and admit that our generation did a lot of stupid stuff.  However, we look like Einstein’s compared to today’s nutcases screaming about issues that they’ve been brainwashed into believing.

In a way I feel sorry most of these misguided souls.  They’re being victimized by a 24/7/365 onslaught from a lying media hell bent on destroying our Constitution.

What happened in the last 50 years that’s allowed this to take place?

It’s obvious when you consider we’ve lost our moral compass.

A classic example is the recent Kavanaugh nomination for the Supreme Court.

The vagina hat wearing crowds are loathing the thought of someone possibly overturning the Roe v. Wade law allowing abortions.  (Over 60 MILLION reported murders abortions since 1973).  So much so that their recent antics are on par with the government sponsored psyop group called Antifa.

Now that’s some serious hatred goin on.

Numerous hypocrite senators (including Chuck “U” Schumer) who are on record praising the work of Brett Kavanaugh, have come out against him with “guns a blazing.”  All in the name of carrying the party line.

It’s shameful, really.

But it reflects the tone that’s building during the Summer of Hate.

Read how this hatred affects your future (HERE).

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