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The Plunge Protection Team is MIA

Yes, indeed the PPT is missing in action and “baby, it’s cold outside” on Wall Street.

Some people think they’ve disbanded altogether and they’re gonna let the markets crash.


They’re just waiting in the wings to see how high your threshold of pain is before making their move.

What’s happening is the boyz in the “Club” are working their magic to pick your pocket at the year end.

So far, they’re doing a great job.

People are scared. 

Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for media miscreants continue to fan the flames of fear.

And mom and pop are starting to bail out.

Big mistake…Huge.


The “Club” members are making a year-end push generating mega-commissions so their bonuses paid out in 2019 get jacked-up.

The other piece of the puzzle you might not see is that the boyz will be furiously buying back many stocks at a deep discount before 2018 ends.

Most of those stocks are the ones they sold in October and November to offset taxable losses or gains. 

So, when they report their holdings at the end of December their portfolios will look very similar to what they held at the beginning of 2018.

Why does this matter?

It shows you that they believe in the companies they own and they use wild market swings as opportunities to flip in and out of the same stocks.

The worst perpetrators of this kind of activity are Mutual Fund Managers.  

Here’s how they trade internally.

Manager A says to Manager B:  “Hey, Louie!  I need to dump my 4 Million shares of IBM.   How about giving me your 4 Million shares of Texas Instruments and take my IBM along with some cash?”


The presstitutes will report it as “Fund Manager Dumps 4 Million IBM” leading you to think something is wrong with IBM.

The PPT seems to be missing in action.  But, rest assured, they’ll show up and do what they’re told when the time is right…for them.

Learn how to follow their patterns (HERE).

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