December 2022
December 8, 2022

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The Great Secret of “Following the Money”

“Follow the Money” is a familiar phrase on Wall Street.

When used correctly it helps you find answers to questions like, “Why is this happening?” or “Who’s behind this?”

It’s also a key to unlock secrets that the boyz in the “Club” don’t want you to know.

Unfortunately, most people are either too lazy to take the time or find it too confusing to follow the money.

However, it’s the best way to answer questions you have about events or activities that seem confusing.

Let me give you some simple examples:

  • Why is the price of oil going up/down? (Follow the money)
  • Why is “global warming/climate change (or whatever phrase is being used) getting so much attention? (Follow the money)
  • How does war help our economy? (Follow the money)


Do you see a pattern here?

When something (Financial/Political/Immoral events) captures an unusual amount of attention, you must look for who benefits from it.  “CUI BONO?”

However, along the way, the path might take you down a rabbit hole that makes you uncomfortable.  Or the “Club” may fabricate something to throw you off the path.  They don’t want you to “Connect the Dots” because it exposes their secrets of how they control and manipulate events that benefit them and hurt the average citizen.

If you want to see a simple and uncomplicated way to “Follow the Money” or how to “Connect the Dots,” then go here. (LINK)

You’ll thank us later.


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