March 2024
March 5, 2024

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The Great Scamdemic is in Freefall


The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the entire world is unraveling right in front of your eyes.  In fact, it’s falling faster than the WTC Building #7 fell into its own footprint on 9/11 and was never hit with a bomb or missile.

I’m talking about the CoronaHoax aka Covid-19.

Now that Hydroxychloroquine has been proven to save lives – and Masks are coming off – more people are starting to question the motives of Bill Gates and his band of merry globalists.

Momentum of the BLM/Pantifa movement is losing steam.  And citizens are very quietly arming themselves in preparation for the imminent civil unrest headed our way (Most likely after the 2020 election).

In other words, the sheeple are starting to wake up and realize it’s time to fight back.

They’re also starting to see how Gates and his minions have really created the decline of Western Culture.

These globalists crossed the line of evil long ago.

Hopefully history will remember them for the damage they’ve inflicted on the world.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually get tried for crimes against humanity.

By no means does this imply that we’ll have smooth sailing from here on out.

The truth is we haven’t even hit the eye of the storm yet.

2021, When Food Shortages Hit Home will most likely be the time when we enter a major panic cycle.

Afterall, when people can’t put food on the table, they take to the streets.

That doesn’t mean we’ll end up like Mad Max or a Zombie Apocalypse movie where we eat bugs to survive.

However, you can rest assured that food prices will skyrocket.

Adding gasoline to this towering inferno is the potential of 30-40 Million evictions starting January 1st (Read 30 Million Americans Face Eviction from CoronaFraud, HERE).

The good news is, as gloomy as this scenario sounds, you’ll see the investment opportunities of your lifetime throughout this madness.

The question is:  Will you be bold enough to participate?

We answer those questions and many more about how to survive AND thrive in our September issue of “…In Plain English.”

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It’s Not Just About Finance.



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