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The Dollar is NOT Dead

In spite of what you hear from most of the lame presstitutes out there, our US dollar is NOT dead.  In fact, it’s not even on life support.

The financial media is so corrupt (or just plain stupid) that it sickens me.  And the talking heads on TV are the worst of them all.

They want you to believe that a temporary decline in our dollar is an omen of death for the markets.

The truth is a rally in the dollar is devastating for all Emerging Markets (EM) and they don’t want you see it coming.

Just watch and see how the turnaround rise in our dollar will spark steep falls in EM stocks, bonds and currencies, wiping out most of the gains they thought were guaranteed with their junk bonds.

We recently wrote (HERE) how the Argentina Central Bank increased their interest rate to 40% to support their crashing peso.  And the Turkish Lira is falling another 6% shredding their markets along the way.

As interest rates were manipulated to 5,000-year lows by the central banks, they never considered the affect it would have on pension plans.

Pension managers, desperately seeking HIGH YIELD. foolishly ran headstrong into Emerging Markets bonds.  (Who doubled their issue of debt in less than 8 years).

The lapdog media is doing everything possible to keep you believing our dollar is dead.  However, nothing can be further from the truth.

Our dollar will soon rise to unimaginable heights, wiping out everything in its path.  Dollar strength and rising interest rates will defy normal investment logic.  Before it’s all over, the sheeple sitting on the sidelines will decide to get in after the markets top 35,000.

Think that sounds crazy?

We’ll explain it all in our June newsletter (HERE).

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