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The “Club” Always Caters to The “Club”

Have you ever heard George Carlin say “There’s a big club out there?  And you ain’t in it.”

He was referring to the group that operates behind the scenes.  They’re powerful and control many of the things that affect your everyday life.

You don’t know they exist because they cover their tracks with perfectly disguised media distractions.

Let me give you an example.

What’s the first thing you think of when a popular stock suddenly drops a substantial amount with no real reason?

You might think “Something must be wrong, or some bad news is coming out about it.”

And you’d be partially right.

But what if I told you that a very large customer wanted to make a huge investment in that company, but wanted to buy it at a discount…AND he was a friend of the CEO.

All the CEO has to do is to “whisper” to the traders something like: “we may have bad earnings next quarter.”

Word travels quickly, nervous investors panic and the stock plunges.

The “friend” buys at a huge discount and the stock stops declining.

The earnings report is released and shows fantastic earnings.  Traders buy like crazy and the stock shoots up to new highs.

Mission accomplished…and the club members all congratulate themselves over champagne and caviar.

This is nothing new.

Unfortunately, you (the unsuspecting public) are usually the victim of these market manipulations.

But here’s the flip side.  The “Club” telegraphs their moves in advance.

So, if you see it coming you’ll be able to profit with them.

(Notice I didn’t say you’d beat them.  But you can take advantage of their games instead of them taking advantage of you.)

These are just a few of the strategies we cover in Simplifying Wall Street…In Plain English.

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You’ll thank us later.

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