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The 2 Hardest Things to Do When Investing


Take a quick 3 question survey with me, okay?


  • Did you buy any stocks when the markets were crashing in March?
  • Did you sell any stocks on the rebound in the last month or two?
  • Has your portfolio recovered from its January high?


I ask these questions because the 2 hardest things to do when investing is #1 BUY when everyone is scared and #2 SELL when everyone is happy.

Let’s face it.

March was scary…we’re talking BIG TIME scary.

However, by the end of the month you could’ve made big bucks using the old ‘dart board’ method.

So, did you?

If not, don’t worry.

Some of the most seasoned investors I know balked at the thought of buying Lowe’s (LOW) in the low 60’s on March 18, 19. (It’s currently over 131…a quick 100%+ return).

On the flip side, the question is, if you did buy at the low point, have you taken any profits?

There were many companies that experienced wild swings down and are now back up 40-50-60% or more.

Again, if you bought low and didn’t sell yet, don’t worry.

Most people hesitate to take quick profits because they’re greedy.

Ironically (or NOT) they often give all the profits back as they watch the markets experience another tail-spin…cursing themselves all the way back down.

Then there’s the investors who’re waiting for their accounts to get back to the highs from January thinking that everything will be okay.  At the same time, they wonder why the NASDAQ has since gone to new all-time highs while their accounts are still in the red.

This is a classic example how the boyz in the “Club” play mental games with you hoping you’ll take their bait and zig while they zag.

One of the main reasons we promote our “…In Plain English” newsletter is because we give you multiple ideas every month of how to invest like the 1% and not the 99%.

In fact, our “Short and Sweet Tips” column in the June newsletter tells you why AND how to buy the cheapest assets on the planet.

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You’ll thank us later.






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