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Syrian Bombing…Another Reason to Own Silver

Depending on whose story you believe about the recent bombings in Syria (“it was a huge success” or “it was a tragic failure”) one thing we know for sure is:  Over 105 US Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched.

The Russians claim their S-300 defense system shot down over 95 of those missiles while the US has been unusually quiet.

The cost of those missiles was nearly $150 Million (of which McDonnell Douglas is very happy to get the replacement orders).

But what you might not know is that each missile contained over 15 kilos (32.1 lbs.) of SILVER.

Do the math.  Over 1.5 Tonnes of Silver was wasted vaporized in the Syrian sand.

But, Hey!  What’s $150 Million among a den of thieves?

Silver is currently the most hated asset on the planet.  And that’s the reason it’s a “SCREAMING BUY” for anyone with ears to hear.

It’s a classic Wall Street adage: “Buy while everyone hates it.”

And if you need more proof, look no further than all the gurus (COUGH!  JP Morgan COUGH! COUGH!) who claim it’s a waste of time owning it.  (Not ironically, the JP Morgue allegedly is hoarding the largest collection of silver in the world).

But I digress.

Supply vs demand eventually separates the men from the boys.

So, while the supply for silver has been diminishing for decades, the industrial demand has been increasing.

In addition to Military and Medical equipment, photovoltaic demand (solar panels) is off the charts and the #1 component in them is…Silver.

The Syrian bombings should serve as a wake up call for you to start buying silver and/or silver stocks.

Look at how well the five silver stocks we recommended in February have done (HERE).


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