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Surfing the Trump Wave in 2020

Being a surfer since 1978 has taught me many things that parallel our everyday lives.

For example:  In order to surf you must first overcome three (not so simple) fears.

  1. Fear of drowning (being smothered to death).
  2. Fear of Sharks.
  3. Fear of being held underwater (for a long time) and being tossed about like you’re in the spin cycle of a washing machine.

If you aren’t willing to take on those challenges then you shouldn’t go in the water.

Only a surfer understands the adrenaline rush that occurs when you “catch a wave.”  And, once you’ve experienced it, you’re hooked for life.

The same can be said about the world of investing.

You may not realize it but we’re surrounded by waves every day.

The markets, as well as the political climate, operates in waves.  (We wrote an extensive article on “Riding Market Waves” HERE)

When you understand the concept of market waves, investing will become a lot easier for you.

However, if you’re not paying attention, a market wave (just like a monster wave in the ocean) can hurt and wipe you out.


  1. Holding on too long to certain losing stocks.
  2. Avoiding Wall Street Sharks.  
  3. Being held underwater (losing money) too long disorients and mars your judgement.

On the flip side, when you “Catch a Wave” in the market you get an adrenaline rush as your portfolio go up.

Smart surfers (like savvy investors) know when to kick out and search for the next wave.

I’m telling you this because the markets are shaping up for some waves of a lifetime.

And if you’re not prepared, you’ll get wiped out like the Democrat Presidential candidates in 2020.

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