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Sunday Funnies, If You’re Not Offended…

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Sunday Funnies where this past week the Canadian Truckers still held the spotlight despite the media jackal’s refusal to give them adequate coverage.

Instead, they focused on how their Big Tech Censorship boy, Mark Zuckerberg, lost over $30 Billion in one day as Facebook/Meta crashed over 26%.

To that we’ll simply say: “Boo frickety who.”

And we’re quite sure that Zuck has plenty of cushion from his Rockefeller roots that he won’t be starving any time soon.

Ironically (or NOT) the WOKE crowd is starting to see how “Wokeness” is coming back to bite them in the ass.

Rightfully so.

And it’s entertaining to see how people like Justin Trudeau (aka Blackface) and Caryn Elaine Johnson * (aka Whoopi Goldberg) are seeing their true colors exposed (no pun intended).


Meanwhile, Trudeau is still cowering/hiding from all the mean truckers he wants to force vaccines upon while supposedly came down with Covid that he’s been triple vaxxed against.


Have You Seen This Man?


It appears there is such a thing as poetic justice.

And, this week – like most weeks – we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of taking a few jabs at the antics of Stinky Joe and the disaster his administration has become.

But that’s why we publish the Sunday Funnies.

Because when you look at all the garbage/hatred/rage and division the presstitutes puke out 24/7, we believe humor goes a long way to keep things in perspective.

And for that reason, we remind you that the best way to counter the rage and hatred is to laugh at them.


Every now and then it’s healthy to be a bit silly…especially in the face of fear mongering and medical tyranny.

And it’s a great way to unite people all over the world who are no longer afraid to stand up to tyranny.

So, if our funnies/memes/cartoons/etc. provide you with a laugh or two – and/or open your eyes to some stark realities – then we consider that a victory.

But you can rest assured we won’t apologize if our Funnies hurt some Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Globalist’s feeeellwwings.

So, sit back, top of your coffee (or favorite beverage) and enjoy some of this week’s funnies.

As usual, we remind you that Humor is Waaaayyyyy better than Hatred…which is contrary to what the world wants you to believe.

And we hope you see the Sunday Funnies as a refreshing oasis in the middle of a parched, dry, and increasingly dark world that we’re living in.

As always, we remind you:  As difficult as things might appear, Evil Always Overplays its Hand…And Righteousness Prevails.

Thanks again for joining us on this crazy journey we’re on and remember America Was Built by the Brave, Not by the Fearful…



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That’s all for this week’s edition of the Sunday Funnies.

We hope you enjoy our memes/cartoons/rants etc. and that they bring a smile to your face.

We definitely love to hear your comments so keep ‘em coming.

And although the world seems pretty dark these days, we encourage you to see why you have a lot to hope for in 2022 (HERE).

In addition, we look forward to providing you with some of the most insightful investment information available on the street (HERE).

In the meantime, be sure to share these funnies with friends and family members.

Caution: They may get offended.

But remind them…It’s important to laugh together and laugh often.

And be sure to tell them…

We’re Not Just About Finance.

See You Next Sunday…

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