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Student Loan Debt…Someone Actually “Gets it”

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Seriously, when I read about someone who actually sees what’s going on in the world and is not afraid to express it, it renews my faith that Americans are waking up to the real issues that threaten our future.

After writing about the student loan problem we face, (HERE) we received this wonderful email from a loyal subscriber named Jeff.

In his words:

“Geez James; thanks for the info on student loans.  We were fortunate to be able to fund our kids’ college with cash flow, but we planned it that way.  I know many people much more well-off than we, who told their kids to go get student loans.  No wonder young people can’t buy house, cars and start their own IRAs!

It’s like IHeart, ToysRUs, Bon-Ton (Elder Berman parent), the clothing chains.  Equity companies take these companies private, load them with debt, cut employees to try to pay the debt, and then realize cash flow isn’t enough to sustain the business long-term.

And this nonsense about Amazon causing problems for grocers, toys, etc. is false narrative.  The real problem is the DEBT these companies have!  How does IHeart expect to pay $20B in debt?  How does Toys expect to pay $5B in debt?  It’s ridiculous.

The more ominous problem is the DEBT of the US government.  And when that hits the fan, so does the rest of the world economy!

Have a good day bud.

Thanks, Jeff…especially for not burying your head in the sand.

The more aware you are of the problems facing us, the better equipped you become to deal with them.

That’s why we (at Financial$ Matter) do what we do.

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