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Snowflake Safe Spaces Nearing Full Capacity

As the heat from the summer of 2018 intensifies you should expect more snowflake meltdowns…especially in the political arena.

While Trump’s accomplishments “wrecking ball tactics” continue to lay waste to the major media outlets before the mid-term elections (Be Sure to Vote in Your States Primary) you should also expect more surprises.

Some of these “surprises” may come in the form of unleashing sealed indictments upon many high-profile figures in Government and the business world.

Of course, that will undoubtedly send the social justice warriors (SJW) scurrying.  But the problem for all the SJW’s is they’re running out of safe spaces to hide.

And ever since Starbucks CEO, Howard (“No, I’m not retiring so I can run for President”) Shultz, turned the famed coffee franchise into the largest public toilet in the country, the SJW’s are desperately seeking another venue.  (They’re also realizing that they can find a good cup of coffee elsewhere/Dunkin’ Donuts that doesn’t cost $5.00).

This email isn’t intended to bash Shultz or Starbucks… (Well, maybe it is…kinda…sorta).

But, what I want you to see is how in spite of the Trump haters and doom-porn advocates calling for the destruction of our economy (Cough! Nancy Pelosi, Cough! Bill Maher, Cough!) the markets continue to prove all of them wrong.

This confirms that we’re still in The Most Hated Bull Market in history.

So, instead of worrying about a meltdown, (by looking for safe places to hide from a scary market) learn how Wall Street makes fortunes by keeping you out of the game.

Our premium subscribers have learned how to turn the tables on the elite 1% club…and you can too.

It’s easier than you think…see for yourself.


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