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Smollett Headlines Displace Mueller Disaster

If the recent headlines about the Jussie Smollett “hate crime” case haven’t convinced you of how deep corruption runs in the American justice system then nothing will.

In the past, this kind of justice was reserved exclusively for the boyz in the “Club.”

They call it “Just Us.”   And it’s they’re way of maintaining their untouchable status.

So, how did Smollett attain “Club” member status?

He didn’t.

He’s simply another pawn in global chess game designed to divide, distract and stoke hatred among the masses.

So, instead of getting caught up (like most of the country) at this abomination of justice, take a deep breath and think how this is a perfect distraction from the fallout over the recent Mueller fiasco.

But let’s go one step further behind the curtain.

You might want to put on your tin foil hat for this…

Racial hatred (especially between blacks and whites) has been on a steady rise since the Obama administration.  In fact, it’s worse now then when he was in office.

That’s no surprise.

However, the Smollett case is like throwing gasoline on a towering inferno.

Be honest, are you more outraged today then you were yesterday?

Don’t answer.

And don’t take the bait designed to divide our nation.

Ask yourself a question:  Why did this take place within hours after Trump was exonerated from Russigate?

There’s no coincidence here.

The boyz in the “Club” are playing hardball now.  They’ve been spanked and will fight back like a cornered wounded beast.

The game is afoot and the “Look here! Don’t Look There” tactic will ratchet up to a higher level.

If you’re still wondering about 2019 being The Political Year from Hell, get on board with us so you’ll learn what to expect and how to profit from it.

Follow this link and see for yourself.

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