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Should You Worry About the Trade Deficit?

The numbers you read about the US trade deficit with the rest of the world are a joke.

Last year we “supposedly” had over $575 Billion in trade deficit with the world.

This year we’re approaching $1 Trillion.

The largest U.S. Deficit is with China ($375 Billion or 65%) and was created by $506 billion in imports. The main U.S. imports from China are consumer electronics, clothing, and machinery.

While that may sound terrible it’s essentially wrong.  And Wall Street’s lap-dog media does it’s best to keep you from knowing the truth.

First of all, in order to have a deficit, someone has to have a surplus, right?

So, who has the surplus?

Before we discuss this, you need to look at how the numbers we read about are misleading.

Keep in mind they’re politically motivated and designed to keep you in the dark.

Simply stated, if we use the numbers based on the flag flown by a country manufacturing stuff in the US, you’ll see a totally different picture…And you’ll also see why a $375 Billion deficit with China is bogus/misleading.

If you allocate trade based on the flag a company flies we actually have a huge SURPLUS (possibly in the Trillions).

Ex: Last year, BMW produced 1.98 million cars built in USA. They were NOT exported from Germany.  They were built on American soil, providing American jobs, and paid taxes in America.

This was $57Billion of US trade.

However, everyone sees the BMW emblem and assumes it was imported from Germany.

Apply this to every other country (including China) making something in the US and you’ll see a different picture.

This is the kind of stuff we reveal every month to help you see past the lies you’re being fed on a daily basis.

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