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Shame on You, BYU

The recent graduation speech of BYU’s valedictorian (focusing on announcing to the world that he was gay) was an exercise pure in narcissism.

Normally, a valedictorian speech is supposed to be about the entire graduating class, not just the valedictorian.

They normally highlight the achievements of their graduating.

You know, things like class volunteer work, helping their community, and how they can now go out into the world and make a difference.

But Nooooo!

This was based on a personal agenda.

Using a graduation speech as a platform to talk yourself up, push political agendas, or any other narcissistic action is shameful.

And if BYU doesn’t denounce the actions of the valedictorian (name not worth mentioning) then they’re guilty of hypocrisy.

So far, their silence speaks volumes.

Unfortunately, they’ll probably cave for fear of backlash from standing up for what’s right…and that’s the real problem here.

It’s not brave to “come out” as being gay on a college campus.

In today’s world, announcing that you’re conservative is an act of bravery.

In the past, gay people said they wanted to be treated “just like everyone else.”

But it’s clear they don’t.

They want to be the center of attention.

When they “come out,” they don’t just want it to be to their families or friends.  They want the largest audience media can provide.

They seek special status, special treatment, special protections, and special consideration under the law.

Minorities demanding elite status in our society, rather than joining it, is becoming tiresome.

Ironically, institutions (like BYU) who give-in to the “politically correct” crowd continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

By abandoning the principles of their foundations to accommodate minority threats, they hasten their ultimate demise.

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