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Sex Trafficking or Clean-Up Operation?


Has anyone noticed that the Sex Trafficking charges brought against Sean “Diddy” Combs seem to have disappeared?


Less than one month ago accusations of Sex-Trafficking against “Diddy” (What is a Diddy?) went viral on both social AND main stream media.


So, what happened since then?


Ironically (or NOT) we know that NO official charges have been made.


Instead, all we have heard was how two of the rapper’s homes were searched by federal agents O’Biden’s Secret Police.

And evidence was gathered including, photos, videos…and a lot of dirt on supposedly numerous high-profile figures in politics and the entertainment industry… (Cough! Prince Harry, Cough! Cough!)


So far, Diddy faces civil court allegations of sexual abuse, trafficking, and rape to the tune of a $30 Million lawsuit.


But this entire operation does not pass the smell test.


In fact, it stinks…Royally.  (Pun intended)

As a result, it begs several questions:


  • Will O’Biden’s “Secret Police” ever reveal the high-profile participants who were filmed by Diddy?

  • OR will the “participants” names and identities conveniently disappear, like Ghislaine Maxwell’s list?

  • Or was this a “Clean-up Operation” to hide bury any evidence that might reflect poorly on a certain political party?

  • Or was this “Clean-up Operation” designed to cover-up the sex-trafficking capitol of the World (Ukraine) while they conveniently received another $61 Billion of your tax paying dollars?



As a result, Enquiring minds want to know.


Sex Trafficking Clean-Up



Unfortunately, this will be swept under the rug.


And we likely will eventually hear how “Diddy” was so distraught over his dilemma that he committed suicide. *


(* Please Note…We are not predicting…nor do we wish any harm to Sean Combs)


So, what does this have to do with the markets?


That’s a fair question.


And on the surface, nothing.


But…and this is a Very VERY Big Butt…


The daily distractions, courtesy of the Presstitutes, are increasing exponentially.


Example:  45-year-old Joshua Dean, a former Boeing mechanical engineer and the second “Whistle Blower” suddenly died from a strange disease.


He was represented by the South Carolina law firm that represented Boeing whistleblower John “Mitch” Barnett, who was found dead in an ‘apparent suicide’ in March in Charleston.





Bottom line?


The Boyz do NOT want you to see what’s going on “Behind the Curtain.”

And by keeping you distracted they get away with murder, blackmail, extortion, and crimes against humanity.


Don’t Take the Bait.


Instead, learn how things operate “Behind the Curtain” in our May issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

Share this with a friend…even if they don’t know who Diddy or the Boeing Whistle Blower is/was.  They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:


We’re Not Just About Finance

But we use finance to give you hope.






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