April 14, 2024

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Saturday Rant…Tucker and Putin

Now that the interview between Tucker and Putin has been released, the daggers are out and ready to slice up Tucker Carlson like a giant piece of tuna.


But that should not surprise you.


Because, as we’ve said for many years, the bought-and-paid-for Presstitutes attack anything that is contrary to the narrative of their Wall Street Overlords.


And we are thankful to have our own Russian born commentator (Boris FullOfCrap) to give us his perspective of the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin in today’s rant.


(The interview can be seen right now in its entirety at tuckercarlson.com)


So, take it away Boris…



James, Boris watch most of the 2-hour interview with Putin…And Boris very impressed with reporter Carlson, except for one stupid question.

Tucker ask Putin: “Who blew up Nord Stream?” And Putin reply:  You for sure.”

Tucker then make joke that he was busy that day and did not blow up pipeline.

Putin made his point saying “You personally may have an alibi, the CIA has no such alibi.”

The lesson to Tucker is; don’t play checkers with a chess master because everyone with their brothers know CIA was involved.

But Tucker was right saying why he interview Putin…because “most Americans are not informed” as to what’s happening in Ukraine.

Now American liberal left feet politicians are outraged over Tucker interviewing Putin…for two hours.

Boris have question:  Why didn’t left feet politics get mad at Hollywood movie man Oliver Stone when he interviewed same Putin for over four hours?

And do you remember months ago when Boris tell you that Putin does NOT want to invade and take over Europe?

And that he only wants Ukraine to honor Minsk agreement from 2014 to let Donbas vote for independence?

Tucker got Putin to admit that…so Boris was right.

But Tucker got a lesson in history from Putin making Tucker look like most American school boys who don’t know Bortsch about Russia.

Boris make joke with Bortsch…ha! ha!

Not a good joke but still joke.

 However, Boris very sad that Tucker is being threatened to be killed or punished for treason.

It reminds me of Old Russia under Stalin and Lenin.

And Boris notice how for last 30+ years America deteriorates.

Starting with Clinton, then CIA Bush, then dumber Bush America moves faster to become like Old Russia.

Boris loves America.  But compares it to Old Russia.

And under Putin, new Russia more like old America and under Biden new America more like old Russia.

No one believes the Biden. But most Russians believe Putin.

And many Russians believe Putin is being softy with Ukrainia and should nuke them.

But Putin said, in Tucker interview, “It goes against common sense to get involved in some kind of a global war and a global war will bring all humanity to the brink of destruction.”

Unlike most uniformed Americans, Putin from beginning has wanted to negotiate peace.

Boris give link to see Putin explain that he had a signed peace deal (before Boris Johnson arrived) here:

Vladimir Putin wanted peace and a settlement in Ukraine
Tucker Carlson interview#TuckerPutin #TuckerCarlsonpic.twitter.com/Gt8DY2dSRy

James, Boris prays for Tucker and hopes Americans pray for him as well.




Thanks, Boris.


You are the best…and we love your rants.


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You never know whose life will be affected by it.


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