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Saturday Rant…Trump Judge is National Disgrace

In case you missed it, the judge in Trump’s New York case, Arthur Engoron Amoron is proving to be a national disgrace.


And in the process, he’s illustrating how the department of justice in New York is a cesspool of corruption.


Case in point (pun intended) when Trump’s lawyer Habba stood up to defend Trump, stating that the Engoron needed to “hear what he has to say.” The judge quickly scolded Habba, telling her, “I’m not here to hear what he has to say. He’s here to answer questions.”


So, In Plain English he has already determined that Trump is guilty.


But rather than we rant about this, we heard from an expert in corruption (according to him and who is from the former Soviet Union…who has previously appeared in this column) and goes by the handle of Boris FullofCrap


So, take it away Boris (FoC).




James, you know Boris happy to give Russian insight especially to Americans who think they know corruption.

In Russia (before Putin) it was accepted that government was corrupt.  And if judge didn’t rule for government (like this Engoron puppet) he would spend time in Gulag or get a paid vacation to Siberia.

Boris thinks your president Trump will not go to jail, but will be found guilty of something to keep him from president office again.

And that’s what Engoron puppets’ job is to do.

Every Russian knows this is to interfere in the 2024 election.

They try gag order but doesn’t work with Trump.

In Russia, gag order means having rope (or wire) tied around neck stopping gag completely.

Boris make a joke…hahahahahaha…or LMAO!

But too bad Americans don’t realize they have power to end careers like Engoron when other medias show he sends gay nudie pictures to his friends.




Boris can’t confirm what social media says but good chance it’s true.

But Boris suspects that corrupt American judge may have put a curse on New York with comments on Trump.

And does not matter who wins the election; NEITHER side will accept conclusion.

Unlike Russians, Americans will riot and start civil war…and then Boris will stay far from New York…drink vodka in Kansas or Texas.





Thanks again, Boris.

Your Russian perspective is very inciteful and follows our train of thought regarding government and our Banksters.



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