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Saturday Rant…Tragedy for Political Gain

If a tragedy cannot be exploited for political gain, leftists quickly lose interest.


Such is the case with Anderson Aldrich allegedly walking into Club Q in Colorado Springs and opened fire, killing five and injuring 19 others.

As to be expected – and without any detailed information – leftist journalists and activists immediately accused “MAGA” Republicans of inspiring the killings.

And they cited pro-gun advocates and people opposed to drag queen performances for children as the culprits.

Aldrich – adding bizarre to his already “non-Binary” disturbed state – has asked the court to use his preferred pronouns, They/Them.





You just can’t make this up.

And with that in mind we’re turning over today’s rant to a familiar Financial$Matter reader, Scoob Martin.

Ruh, Ro!

Take it away Scoobie.

This is a case that probably would have become a non-stop media circus for the next several months had the shooter been an actual conservative against the trans agenda.  

And with gender ideology and conservative principles being mutually exclusive, it’s all but impossible for corporate journalists to place the blame on the right-wing.  

As a result, the event will be buried much like the Waukesha Massacre perpetrated by BLM supporter Darrell Brooks…one year ago.

Translation: they can’t pin it on whitey as a hate crime.

We already know this person is crazy because they committed a mass murder…

So “it” stating that it is non gender binary (wtf ever that really means?) is just a reaffirmation of this fact…no?

Maybe Biden will now classify all homosexuals as terrorists like he did for Maga supporters.  And then call it homocide.



Political Gain


The sick part is how these stupid journalists are faced with a self-identified trans person being charged with mass murder and they’re jumping at the chance to dismiss his subjective gender.

And then we also had the Walmart manager go berserk in Chesapeake, Virginia, killing at least six people and wounding several others before fatally shooting himself.

I guess this means we’ll never know his/her real gender or pronouns.

But he was the kind of guy you want to send Karen to when she insists upon seeing the manager…LOL!

So, just in time for the holidays we’re seeing more people ‘snap’ and it makes me wonder how many others are feeling the stress and near ready to pop…?

Black Friday may need a new name…

And for those who legally carry guns, shopping at Walmart should remind you of the American Express slogan to “don’t leave home without it.”

Thanks again, Scoob for that rousing rant.

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