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Saturday Rant…Putin or Maui Fires

In case you missed it, Russian General Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin reportedly died in a plane crash with nine of his top officers…sparking rumors that Putin had him killed.


Whether it’s true or no has yet to be determined.

But one thing I do know is that suddenly everyone’s attention is off the US government’s failures over the Maui fires in Lahaina.







And as if on cue…the “news” cycle has a funny way of diverting attention away from the curtains they do not want you looking behind.


It was only two months ago that Prigozhin staged a coup to take over Moscow…that lasted only two hours.

However, Prigozhin’s coup appears to have been a propaganda stunt.

Because there is no way he could have invaded Moscow and dragged Putin from the Kremlin.

And that’s like the fact that there was no way the Maui fires – that melted cars and vaporized humans – could leave trees standing in the same area.


So, today we’re turning over the rant to a self-proclaimed Russian expert that goes by the handle Boris FullofCrap.


Take it away Boris (FoC)



Boris happy to give Russian insight to recent events…especially to American Putintards.

I must explain…Americans think they know how Putin thinks and acts.  And it’s because they listen to stupid media.

But Russians know all about stupid media.

Media in Russia ben controlled by government since Lenin.

And we see the US as the new USSR.

You just don’t know it yet.

But Boris will tell you that Biden having #1 political opponent arrested with 91 charges for trivial made-up reasons, should be good hint.

Now, Prigozhin plane crash make Boris laugh…

Too obvious, too convenient.

Even old KGB wouldn’t be this stupid.

If Putin wanted him dead, he had many ways to do it without looking like he did it.

And he would not sacrifice 9 other Russian patriots.

Sending Prigozhin and Wagner into Ukraine again would have provided many opportunities for this.

Besides that, Russia likely going to hit Ukraine hard in coming weeks.

And with united, ruthless Wagner with Prigozhin and his leadership team in place would have been a huge asset.

 Boris bets this is CIA tactics pure and simple.

Makes zero sense except to western Putintards.

Boris have question:

What if Prigozhin is alive and stages a full-blown Ukrainian offensive from Belarus?

And Boris has advice for US.

Instead of focus on Putin, look at Maui disaster and how your government used advanced weaponry to steal land from natives.

So, you ask Boris:  How do Russians know this?

Answer with one of Boris favorite American sayings:

“Takes it one to know one.”











Wow, Boris. Thanks!

Maybe you can elaborate more in the future.


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